Our Team

Evan Lazarus - Studio Owner

EVan has spent his life in studios and labels around the world, having worked with some of the hottest producers and talent money can buy. classically trained in both analogue and digita, evan brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to every project that comes through the door.

Christie Hanson - A&R, Sync Licensing, Management

Christie Hanson was manager of 90’s powerhouse rock band, Creed. With the success of Creed she soon added multi million record selling artist’s Sevendust to her roster as well as Paramore, Alter Bridge, Virgos Merlot and Metal band Full Devil Jacket. Christie has an incredible track record for success. She has strong industry relationships, and a clear vision of what it takes to make it in the “NEW” music business.

Leon Lazarus - Marketing, Branding, Design

with over 30 years of entertainment communications and marketing experience, leon brings a wealth of information on the launching of a musical brand and the creation of a product ready for its climb to stardom.